Build a chatbot and engage your customers better

Let ZippyBot help you build a chatbot so that you can deliver better user experiences and get the best out of your business.

What is a Chatbot?

An automated response service

A chatbot is basically an automated service, which allows your customers/users to interact via a chat interface. In the case of ZippyBot, we provide the service to allow your users to interact with your Facebook Page chat.

How can a chatbot help my business?

How it helps?

Chatbot is the latest way for businesses to interact with their customers. It allows a quick way for your customers to find out about your services without having to go to your site or download your app. Based on a study, texting is the most dominant form of communications among people under age 50. With a chatbot, your customers will be able to find information through texting without human intervention from your business. In the 2000s, every business created their own website. Now in the 2010s, every business wants their own mobile app. In the 2020s, we at ZippyBot thinks that every business should have their own chatbots.

What is ZippyBot?

Create your own chatbot through ZippyBot

ZippyBot connects with your Facebook App and Page to allow you to create your own Facebook Messenger Chatbot. While we are still building more features, ZippyBot now already allow you to auto respond to your users, manage your queue and manage your promo campaigns. All these are easily configurable from our ZippyBot Web Management Console. Have a try and talk to our ZippyBot demo now.

I don't own a business. So how can I use ZippyBot?

What is in for you?

Chatbot is fun and cool! Even if you don't own a business, you can just create one to impress your friends or surprise your girlfriend/boyfriend. Create one simply because now you have the power to do it and it is FREE!

Simple, fast and free

It takes only 10 minutes to setup and it is free

ZippyBot is designed for anyone to be able to setup easily and it is free. You just need to have a Facebook account to start. Follow our detailed guides below and get started now.

Get Started Now

Step 1: Create Facebook App

ZippyBot integrates with Facebook and you need to have a Facebook App to get started. Click here for the tutorial.

Step 2: Create Facebook Page

Next, you need a Facebook Page for your customers to start interact with you. Click here to learn how to setup a Facebook Page.

Step 3: Setup ZippyBot

Now you are ready to configure your ZippyBot! Click here to learn how to setup your ZippyBot. Once done, you are officially a proud chatbot owner!